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Pendulum Jigsaw CARVEX PSB 420, 240V

The shape makes the difference
You have the choice: Guide the CARVEX PS 420 directly to the ergonomic soft-grip barrel grip, while the CARVEX PSB 420 has a handy top handle. You decide based on your preferences – it makes no difference to the power, comfort or ergonomics of the tool. 3800 strokes per minute generate outstanding power – assisted by an EC-TEC motor with energy efficiency that guarantees lasting power even for the cordless versions.


Lightweight. Handy. Unbeatable profile-cutting capacity.
Ergonomic, lightweight and handy – work quickly and comfortably in any position with the CARVEX. The machine operates at 3800 strokes per minute for inimitably powerful cutting strokes and unbeatable profile-cutting capacity. It is common knowledge that power only becomes a valuable resource when it is combined with exceptional precision. That is exactly the approach we have been taking with a redesigned hammer guide for an unprecedented degree of accuracy. The parallel adjustable guidance jaws keep the saw blade on track and guarantee maximum precision. It has all the typical characteristics of a CARVEX, but the first time you use a machine from the new CARVEX PS 420 generation, you will undoubtedly feel the difference.

Excellent behaviour in curves thanks to threefold saw blade guide and rigid lifter rod
Fast, tool-free changing of tables, baseplates and saw blades
Simple handling thanks to the softgrip and ergonomic design
Electronic switch-on/off on both sides, reachable in every grip position
Easily visible scribe mark through stroboscope light and powerful extraction
Powerful cutting stroke for rapid working progress
Low weight to save energy: 1.9 kg

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110V, 240V


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