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Fein Finger Sanding Pads (2 PACK)

For use in very narrow and deep places, in channels, grooves, openings and folds. Also in mould-making, on concave forms and in convex forms. Plastic carrier plate for preventing damage and marks on the workpiece.

Finger shape, hook and loop fastening.


Velcro – 2 Pack
Suitable for the following tools
Cordless MULTIMASTER AMM 300 Plus StartCordless MULTIMASTER AMM 300 Plus SelectCordless MULTIMASTER AMM 500 Plus TopCordless MULTIMASTER AMM 500 Plus SelectCordless MULTIMASTER AMM 700 Max TopCordless MULTIMASTER AMM 700 Max SelectMULTIMASTER MM 500 Plus TopMULTIMASTER MM 500 PlusMULTIMASTER MM 700 Max TopMULTIMASTER MM 700 MaxMULTIMASTER MM 300 Plus Start


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