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Bona Vertical Construction Adhesive 310ml

Bona Vertical Construction Adhesive 310ml

All-round construction adhesive with extremely fast setting and high initial bonding strength.

Bona Vertical is the new generation of construction adhesives with extremely high initial bonding strength and fast setting speed for quick and easy installation.


Bona Vertical is an elastic 1-component silane-modified construction adhesive with extremely high initial bonding strength and fast setting speed. The construction adhesive can be applied to a variety of substrates and materials such as wood, mineral plaster, metal and much more. It is also suitable for many bondings including plastics. Bona Vertical is therefore especially designed for repair work and the gluing of skirting boards, wall moldings and stairs.
By spraying small amounts of water on the substrate (sub-floors, walls, etc.) or the applied adhesive the setting process can be further accelerated. A primer is usually not necessary
• Extremely fast setting, can be accelerated by the processor
• Very high initial bonding strength (approx. 300 kg/m²)
• Outstanding strength
• Free of water and solvents (according to TRGS 610)
• Very low emissions EC1 Plus
• Very good adhesion to almost all types of substrates and wood-based materials
• Suitable for a wide variety of bonding
• Can be coated / painted


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