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Bona U300 Acoustic Mat

Acoustic underlay made of fine granules of PU foam with cork and PU elastomer bonding agent.  Under parquet, laminate, or other flooring, Bona U300 will reduce the sound of foot traffic.

Easy to lay
Improvement of walking and living comfort

Low VOC product

Can be laid loose directly onto the subfloor prior to the installation of a floating wooden floor.  Alternatively, this product can be fully bonded to the subfloor and also to the wooden floor using Bona Quantum adhesive.

Available in 3 thicknesses, select below.


Bona U300 is an underlayment made of fine granules of PU foam with cork and PU elastomer bonding agent. Used under parquet, laminate floors and other floor coverings it will reduce the transmission of sound from footfall. If the underlayment is bonded by adhesives both to the subfloor and the parquet it can reduce the stresses on a (weak) subfloor.

The substrate must be even, totally dry, clean, free from cracks, physically sound and have a slightly textured surface. If necessary, it should be professionally prepared for laying.

Loose laid:
Bona U300 can be used also for the sound insulation for floating wooden floors. Lay the U 300 on the floor without overlapping and cut it to the shape of the room.

Fully bonded:
Lay the Bona U300 at an angle of 45-90° to the intended laying direction of the floor.
Lift a section approx. half its length and apply the adhesive on the exposed subfloor.

The following adhesives are recommended to glue down Bona U300 to the subfloor:
Bona R777 / R778

Bona Quantum/Quantum T/ Titan

Use the same adhesive for the following parquet installation


Additional information

Roll size:

2mm thick, 30sqm Roll, 3mm thick, 20sqm Roll, 5mm thick, 16sqm Roll


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