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Bona Tampico Brush

A 16″ soft-bristle brushing attachment for the Bona FlexiSand DCS Buffer or Bona Power Drive, to thoroughly clean the wood grain after the final sanding and screening and before staining or sealing.

The Bona Tampico Brush, used with a Bona DCS buffer and/or the Bona Power Drive and DCS system, helps remove the fine dust from the soft grain of wood prior to sealing, staining, or oiling. In addition, it’s an excellent tool post-wire-brushing to achieve a cleaner, more textured appearance.

Key benefits
• Soft bristles thoroughly remove fine dust from the grain of the wood after sanding
• Greatly reduces grain raise and provides a much smoother finish
• Fits a standard 16″ buffer or Bona Power Drive


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