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Bona Flexisand 1.9 ( inc. Gear Ring, NOT Power Drive)

Powerful buffer for all flooring needs, from bare wood sanding to concrete grinding.

Compatible with the unique Bona Power Drive ASK3199940997


Bona FlexiSand 1.9 can be equipped with different drive plates for different jobs, such as bare wood sanding, fine sanding, oiling and concrete grinding. With its powerful 1,9 kW motor and robust construction, the FlexiSand always operates smoothly. It is compatible with the unique Bona Power Drive, a plate that allows for powerful and direction-free sanding down to bare wood. For optimal dust containment, pair it with Bona DCS.

Key benefits
25% more motor power than FlexiSand 1.5
Easy and ergonomic operation
Compatible with multiple driving plates
Easy to transport


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