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Bona Decking Reviver 4 litres

Bring your wood deck back to life with the Bona Decking Reviver. It dissolves dirt, oil, and debris to revitalise the colour and overall look of your wooden deck.


Bona Decking Reviver is a quick and effective way to deep-clean weathered and worn wood decks. It cleans away dirt, debris and built-up oil from outdoor wood decks and patios. It can be used in three ways: you can rent a Bona Power Scrubber to get the job done super-fast, use an outdoor stiff bristle brush for small spaces, or hire a Bona-Certified Craftsman to do the job for you.

Key benefits
Effective and safe for outdoor garden areas
Washes away old dirt, debris and oil
Ready-to-use formula


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