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Staki 220x20mm Rustic Planks

Staki is recognised as one of the premium flooring brands in the UK, and Flooring Sales Ltd are the sole UK importer and distributor.

Plank dimensions are 220mm x 20mm x 2400mm length.
All colours are also available in Herringbone.

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Staki is a well-regarded flooring brand in the UK industry. Their dedication to quality and durability is evident in each product they offer. We have a long-standing partnership with them as their exclusive UK importer and distributor to ensure our customers receive the best products and exceptional service. Recently, Staki has taken the initiative to be environmentally conscious. They updated their production process, switching to LED Oils to enhance sustainability further.
As always, Staki and Flooring Sales Ltd remain committed to delivering high-quality products while keeping up with the latest trends in the flooring industry. We provide mouldings that match all the Staki range, and we are pleased to announce the new Herringbone collection launch in July 2023, available in all colours to match the plank ranges. If you are a retailer, please get in touch with us for details on our shop displays. These are supplied FOC.
With Staki and Flooring Sales Ltd, you can rest assured that your flooring needs are in safe, experienced and reliable hands. 


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