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Bona White

Product Code: BOPRIW5
Bona White primer should be used to create a 'white washed' look to a wood floor - ideal when creating a Scandinavian style interior! The level of whiteness will depend upon the number of coats applied. Bona White will also reduce yellowing. It's designed for easy roller application and compatible with practically every wood species.

For a truly white impression, apply two or more layers. Highly forgiving formulation designed for easy roller application. To achieve and maintain a truly white look to the floor, overcoat with Bona Novia or any version of Bona Traffic. Overcoating Bona White primer with Bona Mega or Bona Mega Natural is not recommended if you are looking to achieve and maintain a true white look.

Coverage 12 sqm/Litre
Coats 1 minimum, overcoated
Drying Time 3 hours
Application Bona Roller