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Waste management at Flooring Sales

Return Reward Scheme

The Return Reward Scheme has been set up by Flooring Sales to help lessen the amount of plastic tubs going to landfill.  The scheme is now supported by Junckers Ltd. When you return your empty adhesive or lacquer plastic tubs, Taurus or Junckers, we will pay you for them!  At present we pay 50p for each 5 litre lacquer or primer tub and £1 for each 10 litre adhesive tub.  We can also collect empty tubs when we are delivering to you.

The tubs do not need to be sparkly clean, we clean them before sending them to be recycled here in the UK. 

As a business, we are trying to minimise the pollution our products produce. We invite our customers and our suppliers to join us in our efforts to keep plastics in the economy and out of the environment.

Sorting at the source

We are finding ways to utilize all raw materials that come into the company, sorting mixed to separate. Now through out the company, designated bins for all materials are available for staff to use.


Like a lot of companies we have not yet made the complete move to paperless systems, therefore paperwork does build up. Constantly adapting, all our paperwork that is no longer needed gets shredded and sent into the warehouse to be used again. The team use all of it to package orders. Ensuring every purchase is picked, packed, and transported safely.

Cardboards & Plastics

Cardboard is our most used packaging material. From boxes to simply wrapping goods for protection, we process and recycle a sizeable amount. In the future we aim to shred it for packaging, but currently we compact, bale and ship it to a cardboard mill.

We currently split our plastics into two categories, ‘Solid Acrylic’ and ‘Clear’. Both have separate pathways to be repurposed. Clear plastic is baled and shipped to be shredded. Solid plastic is baled and shipped to a plastic recycling plant.

Compacted cardboard bales being loaded at our warehouse >

bales truck

Ink toner

All of our empty printer cartridges are put in an ‘Eco-Box’ and sent away for recycling or refilling.

Upcycling project

In our workshop bespoke products are produced for customers. As a result of this we end up with a lot of waste wood, which is then donated to a charity organisation who turn it into furniture, animal fencing and planters for vegetables. In 2019 we made the decision to apply for a government waste license. This enables us to build up stock which then goes to the local recycling centre.

Future projects

Flooring Sales is devoted to finding new and more cost-effective ways to help both save the environment and further reduce the carbon footprint of the company. One of the biggest ways we can do this is to do as much in-house manufacturing/packaging as possible. Furthermore, looking into transport and distribution to the end user in the least impacting way on our planet. There is no such thing as waste if managed properly.

Thinking in Circles

From The Contract Flooring Journal, March 2020

At Flooring Sales we care about the waste we produce. All of the waste produced in our offices is sorted and as much as possible is recycled. All of the cardboard and plastic packaging waste from our warehouse operations is compacted on-site and sent for recycling. Internally, we have made big improvements in dealing with the waste we produce.

However, the amount of plastic packaging waste generated by the products we sell has long been a concern for me. I feel that as a business we also need to take responsibility for the waste produced from the products that leave our warehouse. It cannot be right to transfer onto others the financial and environmental after life costs of products that we have sold and profited from.

From this the idea of our Return Reward Scheme was born whereby we pay for the return of our own brand empty Taurus containers. By encouraging our customers to return their used plastic containers, we can ensure that they are recycled here in the UK and kept out of the environment. I believe we need to move away from the unsustainable linear economy model of take, make and throwaway and work towards the circular economy model. Within the ideal circular model there is no such thing as waste, it is a closed system. The raw materials to feed this model come from post-consumer waste rather than using virgin material. At the end of a products life it is reused or recycled into a new product, as in a natural ecosystem, thus ensuring circularity.

At present there is plenty of plastic waste produced, so much in fact that we have to transport much of it to other countries for processing. We pass our problem onto others, out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately we have all seen examples where the plastic waste is not processed properly and has ended up in the environment.
Rather than sending overseas or landfilling we need to be reusing this plastic to make new products, thus feeding the circular model, reducing waste and reducing our use of finite resources.

Large companies such as Unilever and Nestle are now committed to using recycled content in the manufacture of their plastic packaging. This is a great step forward which will increase the demand for used plastic and give it greater economic value, thus incentivising the wider recycling of used plastic.
We are planning to expand our range of Taurus products and all packaging will contain recycled content. Our Return Reward Scheme is our first step in the fight against plastic pollution.

It’s not about a world without plastic, it’s about an environment without plastic. I think that we all need to start doing our bit to achieve this.

John White
Director at Flooring Sales Ltd
Diploma in Pollution Control (Open)



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