Bona Mix & Fill Plus - 5 L

Product Code: BOMIFP5
A time saving gap filler with exceptional filling ability (up to 3 mm) often only requiring a single application to achieve a smooth surface. The filler should be mixed with wood dust from the actual floor being treated to produce a natural colouration that blends in with the rest of the surface.

Quick drying water-based filler for mixing with sanding dust. Easy to sand. Suitable for light to medium coloured wood species.

Weight per pack 6kg
Application Stainless steel trowel
Coverage 8-12sqm/Litre depending on size and quantity of gaps.
Drying Time
Subsequent application15-30 minutes
Sanding30-60 minutes
Finish or oil treatment1-2 hours
Mixing Ratio 10-15% wood dust to 85-90% binder