Wooden flooring and underfloor heating make a great combination, but dual installations can be time consuming and costly.
Now, there is a brand new innovation that combines both - Timbertherm. Say hello to smart heat!

Harnessing Far-Infrared technology, Timbertherm provides a stylish wooden floor design with integral underfloor heating built in. Cost effective and simple to install, this all-in-one solution creates a smart, healthy and eco-friendly surface for residential and commercial applications - from family kitchen and bathroom, to spa or healthcare environments. Timbertherm is available in a spectrum of on-trend finishes with design options to suit all interior styles - perfect for new builds, renovations and make-overs.

Timbertherm features high performance engineered construction, made of eight individual layers. The surface layer comprises the highest quality sustainably-sourced Hard Maple, Elm or Walnut that’s sealed with a scratch-resistant coating and plywood core layers below, into which strips of Far-Infrared nano-carbon conductors are embedded. Connection components are fully waterproof and tested to IP65 (ingress protection) standards.


Timbertherm flooring can be laid on most dry, flat surfaces, from concrete to plywood. Panels are laid directly over a standard thin foam underlay, in the same way as standard multilayer engineered wooden flooring.

The power supply is positioned along the edge of the room and the first board is connected to the cord. Panels are then laid end-to-end, corresponding male and female connectors are joined and the boards are tapped together. Rows connect using a standard tongue and groove joint. Standard board dimensions are 1210 x 165 x18mm.

With Timbertherm, there’s no flooring height issues that you’d encounter with heating pad systems or the subfloor preparation necessary for typical wet underfloor heating installation.

Fitting Timbertherm is simple and quick.

The Benefits of Far-Infrared

Like sunlight, Far-Infrared heat gently warms objects (walls, floors, people) rather than the air around it, creating a more pleasant and consistent ambient temperature.

It is a type of electromagnetic radiant heat and is similar to light and radio waves. Far-Infrared rays are just under the visible light range in the electromagnetic spectrum.

At the flick of a switch, Far-Infrared rays are dispersed into integrated nanocarbon conductors. Evenly distributing heat throughout the floor, reaching 26°C in less than 5 minutes. Far-infrared heating is up to 60% more cost effective and 40% more efficient than other forms of heating!

Advantages of the Timbertherm system vs traditional underfloor heating and wood flooring.

  • Easy to Install
  • No separate heating system installation
  • Installation time savings
  • Overall cost savings
  • Build height is just 20mm (dependent on underlay used)
  • Low running costs
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • No ongoing maintenance

Central Heating Underfloor Heating Air Conditioning Convenction Heater Timbertherm Logo
Heating Efficiency 1 star rating 2 star rating 2 star rating 1 star rating 3 star rating
Pollution 1 star rating 3 star rating 1 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating
Energy Consumption 1 star rating 2 star rating 1 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating
Space Usage 1 star rating 3 star rating 2 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating
Lifespan 7-12 years 25 years 5-8 years 5-8 years 25 years
Reliability 1 star rating 2 star rating 2 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating
Maintenance Cost 1 star rating 3 star rating 2 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating
Installation 1 star rating 2 star rating 2 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating
Living Conditions 1 star rating 3 star rating 1 star rating 2 star rating 3 star rating

Technical Information

Voltage 220V / AC
Electricity Flow 1.2A / sqm
Work Rate 18W (+-10%) / sqm
Surface Temp 20C - 30C
Heating Rate 20C in 3-5mins*
Electro-Thermal Conversion Rate 95 ~ 99.9%
Heating Method Far-Infrared
Power Attenuation < 10%**
Bearing Weight 1000kg / sqm
Life Span 60,000 hrs
*based off environmental temp of 15OC. **based off 20,000hrs of resistivity.

What is nano carbon?

An allotrope of carbon, nano carbon is formed of atoms linked in hexagonal shapes, with each carbon atom covalently bonded to three other carbon atoms. Nano carbon is strong and flexible; they can be bent and when released, they will spring back to their original shape. Nano carbon has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any known material which allows it to be used in many different ways – from heating and healthcare, to the construction of lightweight spacecraft.
We’re bringing you space-age innovation into your home!

Safe - tested to the most stringent European safety standards (CE & ROHS) 10 Year Guarantee Waterproof - Built with IP65 components makes it perfect for every room.